Danish brand Zenvo is working on an 1800-HP Hypercar

Danish brand Zenvo is working on an 1800-HP Hypercar 1

The commercial director of the Danish company Zenvo Automotive, Jens Sverdrup, in an interview with Top Gear, spoke about working on the next Hypercar. The sports car will receive a hybrid power plant based on a 1500-1800-horsepower V12 engine, as well as a new transmission and chassis. In addition, the car will have two versions at once with access to public roads. One is more comfortable, the other is track-oriented.

Danish supercars manufacturer Zenvo Automotive is not as widely known as its Swedish neighbor Koenigsegg. There are three models in the company’s portfolio. The most recent, TSR-S, costs about 1.5 million euros. The two-door is equipped with a 5.8 V8 engine (1193 hp, 1100 Nm) with two drive superchargers, and a racing gearbox and accelerates to a hundred in 2.8 seconds. The TSR-S has been produced since 2018, so the next car with a planned output in the range of 1500-1800 horsepower is already in the works.

The Hypercar is promised a new carbon fiber chassis, transmission, electric drive, and a V12 engine of modular design. All this will be designed in-house. The engine received two electric turbochargers and without a hybrid surplus will produce about 1200 forces. It will be paired with an electric motor on the front axle and an eight-speed gearbox.

There are two versions planned: comfortable and track. The first one may turn out to be all-wheel drive, but the second one will get more aggressive aerodynamics and lightweight parts. Later, an entry-level model, say, with a V8 engine, may well be built on the Hypercar chassis. Interestingly, the platform is fully compatible with electric propulsion systems. However, for now, Zenvo customers need cars with internal combustion engines.