Dacia will abandon diesel and offer a new generation of cars powered by gas

Dacia will abandon diesel and offer a new generation of cars powered by gas 1

There is no place for a diesel car in the future of Dacia. A successful brand of affordable cars has launched an ambitious strategic plan.

In the nascent era of electrified cars, Dacia will continue to rely on cars powered by liquefied natural gas. A popular brand of budget cars has launched an ambitious strategy to preserve engines with dual-fuel technology and offer them as an alternative to diesel fuel.

The adoption of the Euro-7 rules, combined with the constant growth of electrification, will be a turning point for diesel cars. The Duster is the only model in the line that still offers a diesel power plant. But when Dacia abandons diesel cars, what alternatives will it offer its customers?

“Diesel continues to be the best option for European families who drive many kilometers at the end of the year. And all this despite the increase in fuel prices. Dacia Sandero unites almost half of the registrations of vehicles with dual-fuel technology. The manufacturer wants to further reduce the popularity of its gasoline cars.”

Liquefied gas has retained its popularity. Therefore, its use in comparison with traditional fuels remains profitable. Dacia’s liquefied gas offering revolves around a 1.0 ECO-G engine. A block of three cylinders and a power of 100 hp is connected exclusively to the manual transmission and the front-wheel drive system. However, this will change in the short term.

The development of a new gas engine is on the agenda. Dacia will take as a starting point the new 1.2-liter gasoline engine TCe with direct injection, which recently debuted in Renault Austral. It will become the “heart” of a new line of models powered by liquefied petroleum gas. The model planned for 2024 is currently under development.

The launch of the new Dacia Jogger has shown that it is possible to sell a family car without diesel mechanics. Recall that this model with up to seven seats is available only with gasoline and gas engines. A hybrid version will appear later. And it is the self-charging hybrid technology that will become complete for the new Dacia cars running on liquefied gas in order to keep the public who continue to consider diesel as the only possible option.

Dacia will abandon diesel and offer a new generation of cars powered by gas 3