Classic diesel Land Rover Defender converted into an electric car

Classic diesel Land Rover Defender converted into an electric car 1

The fashion for remaking classic British cars into electric cars continues to gain momentum — Oxfordshire-based Electrogenic has unveiled a kit for an old Land Rover Defender. For just 24,000 pounds, the owner of the car will get an economical and silent SUV.

According to the developers, the installation of the kit requires the help of a qualified mechanic. The electric motor is attached with several bolts to the clutch housing, while the gearbox retains its functions. The engine is powered by a 52 kW/h battery, which should be enough for a run of up to 200 km. It is noted that for an additional fee, the battery will be provided with support for fast charging.

The electric motor develops 120 hp and 235 Nm of torque, thanks to which, according to the developers, the Defender’s off-road capabilities will only improve. It is reported that after the modification, the car retains the all-wheel-drive system and receives a regenerative braking system.

Enthusiasts have calculated that the conversion of a diesel Land Rover Defender into an electric one will allow the owner to save up to 6,000 pounds a year on fuel alone, so the kit will fully justify itself in 4 years. It is assumed that with an electric power plant, the car will be able to serve at least another 300,000 km.