Citroen Ami Electric Car Becomes Cheapest New Car in the UK

Citroen Ami Electric Car Becomes Cheapest New Car in the UK 1

Citroen is about to launch the tiny Ami electric car on the British market, which is destined to become the most affordable new car on the market. The model costs £7,695. At the same time, the price was originally expected to be even lower – from £6,000.

Britons will not be able to buy the Citroen Ami in “physical” dealerships: all sales of the car, which is classified as an ATV, will be made online. According to the brand, two thousand people have already reserved an electric car by making an advance payment of 250 pounds.

Ami is offered in three versions, and also in a commercial version My Ami Cargo for delivery of light cargoes. In the basic version, the car has diode headlights, a sunroof, a virtual speedometer, and a USB input. The other two performance levels differ mostly by cosmetic changes and cost £8,495 and £8,895, while the “cargo” Cargo is priced at £7,995.

Citroen Ami Electric Car Becomes Cheapest New Car in the UK 3

The electric car is powered by an eight-horsepower motor powered by a 5.5-kilowatt-hour battery. The Ami travels 74 kilometers without recharging, and its speed is only 45 kilometers per hour. It takes about three hours to fully charge the battery.

In order to achieve maximum power reserve with compact dimensions, Citroen used lightweight materials, due to which Ami weighs only 485 kilograms – half as much as, for example, the weight of the Ford Fiesta. The length of the car is a little bit shorter than 2,5 meters and the turning radius is 7,2 meters.

The Italian microcar Biro is going to compete with Ami at the same time in its homeland Citroen. It is also a two-seater, but its length is only 1,74 meters, occupying a place between Ami and Renault Twizy. At the same time, the French model wins in terms of price: the basic Biro without doors is priced at a minimum of 10,800 euros.

Source: CarBuyer