Chevrolet Silverado topped the ranking of the most anticipated electric pickups

Chevrolet Silverado topped the ranking of the most anticipated electric pickups 1

Tesla was the first to announce the release of an electric pickup truck and even introduced a pre-production model. But a lot of time has passed since then, and the American company has not released Cybertruck. But many other models have been announced, some of which will appear very soon.

We have put together all the announcements and known data, on the basis of which we have compiled a list of models of electric pickups that will appear soon. So, in the first place can rightfully be the Chevrolet Silverado model in an electric version, which will receive a power plant with a recoil of up to 664 hp. By the end of 2022, the second model from the parent concern General Motors — Hummer in the back of a pickup truck will also debut. And as an assistant to these two models, the RAM 1500 BEV has been announced, although it should be expected no earlier than 2023.

Among American companies, Ford will also soon release its electric pickups. And he will start with the popular F-150 model, which will receive a Lightning prefix. Electric versions of Ranger and Maverick models may also appear.

But other continents are also busy developing this segment. For example, the release of the Toyota Pickup EV model has been announced. It is assumed that the novelty will get the appearance of the new Tundra and the dimensions of the Tacoma. Volkswagen Group generally intends to open a separate brand for electric vehicles, announcing the resurrection of the Scout brand.

There are also such models that may appear with much less probability. Among them, we would like to mention the same Tesla Cybertruck, the output of which has been postponed several times, Lordstown Endurance, Canoo Pickup, Hercules Alpha, Alpha Wolf, and a number of other models that so far exist only as a prototype.