Chevrolet plans to start selling the Montana pickup truck in the USA

Chevrolet plans to start selling the Montana pickup truck in the USA 1

The new Chevrolet Montana pickup truck should arrive in the USA and compete with the compact Ford Maverick, company officials said. One of the main advantages of the new product may be the small price.

More than a year ago, Chevrolet’s Brazilian division introduced a brand-new Montana pickup truck. Montana is a small pickup truck sold in some markets as a Chevy Utility. The small, efficient and affordable mini workhorse was ideal for emerging markets such as Brazil and enjoyed amazing popularity. The new teaser shared by General Motors indicates that the pickup will become a real sensation and will increase in size. This makes us wonder, shouldn’t GM make it available in the US as a smaller alternative to Colorado?

“It is worth noting that direct competitors to the new product from Chevy in the face of Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz, enjoy quite a lot of popularity in the United States, in a country where every second uses some kind of pickups.”

The Maverick is much cheaper than the Santa Cruz, and since the upcoming Chevrolet Montana will be made in Brazil, it can also be quite cheap. Of course, some technical updates will be required for its homologation in the USA, but, of course, the car will receive a relatively small price tag.

The pickup clearly borrows style features from the recently introduced electric Blazer SUV and the pre-existing Trailblazer, and that’s not bad. The split headlight looks modern and fresh, and the vertical grille, wheel arch lining, and massive rear bumper give this car restrained aggression. We can also see textured bumpers on the doors, indicating that the pickup will be built for hard work.

This is confirmed by GM’s statement that Montana will have “the comfort and handling of a passenger car” with “the reliability and versatility of a real pickup truck.”

Unfortunately, despite the above statements and some images, GM has revealed little about the new product. This will certainly change as the test runs continue, but we may have to wait a long time as Chevrolet is thoroughly testing the small truck.