CFMoto 450SR: soon to be on sale

CFMoto 450SR: soon to be on sale 1

The motorcycle, which became a serial embodiment of the CFMoto SR-C21 concept motorcycle, was presented to the public almost six months ago. It was warmly welcomed in the Asian market, which is not surprising: the concept of “power five hundred” at a mass of 250 cc motorcycle” looks very attractive. What about sales in Europe?

In Europe, sales of the CFMoto 450SR will start early next year. Why did you have to wait so long? It’s simple: in Europe, this bike will be oriented to riders with a driver’s license category A2, the features of which we told you about in the test Voge 500AC. In short, a motorcycle for beginners must meet certain criteria, in particular, its engine power must not exceed 48 hp, and its mass can be at least (!) 175 kg. CFMoto 450SR in the basic configuration does not fit these requirements: its 450 cubic inch row “two” gives 50 hp, and weighs 168 kg motorcycle. And now the Chinese are busy reconfiguring the engine, which on a lightweight motorcycle should give even less power, about 42 hp.

The recommended retail price for the European specification CFMoto 450SR has not yet been announced. In China, the motorcycle sells for 31,980 yuan. In Europe, the price is expected to be around 6,000 euros.