BSA Gold Star: Coming soon on the roads

BSA Gold Star: Coming soon on the roads 1

The company Classic Legends, owned by the Indian corporation Mahindra & Mahindra, confirmed the information about the imminent start of the mass production of motorcycles.

In April of this year, representatives of Mahindra reported that the start of serial production of the new BSA Gold Star is postponed — motorcycles will not appear until May. July came, but motorcycles did not appear in the salons. Nevertheless, representatives of Classic Legends have finally made an official statement, according to which they are ready to start releasing modern classics.

At the current stage, the BSA Gold Star will be fully manufactured in India, but the company is still considering the option of assembling motorcycles in the UK. However, it is not known in what format — perhaps we will only talk about a large-node assembly.

Now Classic Legends is finishing solving the problem of the dealer network. At the moment, its partner in this will be Lucas Distribution, which will launch a network of 5-6 salons in the UK with the prospect of increasing their number to 20 within six months. In addition, negotiations are underway on the distribution of BSA in Europe, North and Central America, Australia and New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea.

The exact value of the recommended retail price of the novelty is not yet known, but representatives of Classic Legends said that in the UK the BSA Gold Star should cost less than the psychological barrier of 10,000 pounds.