Brough Superior Company introduced a unique Lawrence Dagger

Brough Superior Company introduced a unique Lawrence Dagger 1

The Lawrence Dagger motorcycle is equipped with carbon fiber fittings and is sharper and sportier than the standard Lawrence.

Brough Superior, a British manufacturer of French-made boutique motorcycles, has been appearing on the scene quite often lately thanks to its ultra-luxurious Lawrence. The brand first appeared in 1919 and was named “Rolls-Royce of motorcycles”, but the Second World War forced the company to cease operations.

Fast-forward to 2014 on EICMA, and Brough Superior is back, this time in a new capacity. Today, a limited number of Brough Superior motorcycles are produced in Toulouse, France. In recent years, the company has been cooperating with the automaker Aston Martin, jointly developing AMB001. In addition, Brough’s latest creation is a unique Dagger, which is a sportier version of Lawrence.

Dagger uses carbon fiber, and there is a lot of it. Built on the Lawrence base, the Dagger received a headlight trim, fork crown, engine covers, rear wing, and seat hood made of carbon fiber. In addition, Brough Superior has modified the chassis to provide clearer and more attractive control. For example, a lower steering wheel puts the driver in a slightly more aggressive position.

Brough Superior Company introduced a unique Lawrence Dagger 3

In terms of performance, the Lawrence Dagger is equipped with a 997cc V-twin engine, chrome-plated body, gold and black trim, and overall first-class build quality. The Lawrence Dagger has a more refined exhaust pipe with a low fit compared to standard curved Lawrence pipes.

“Apart from carbon tips and swings and revised ergonomics, Dagger has virtually the same architecture as the standard Lawrence.”