BMW R12: a junior version of the R18 cruiser?

BMW R12: a junior version of the R18 cruiser? 1

Rumors about the imminent appearance of a BMW cruiser in the style of the R18, but with an “opposition” of a smaller working volume, have been circulating for a long time — almost since the debut of the R18 itself with an impressive 1800 cc engine.

It seems that these rumors did not appear from scratch. At least, the recent registration of the name R12 by the Bavarians in the markets of the USA, Japan, Australia, and Germany indirectly confirms this.

It is reasonable to assume that the BMW R12 name should go to a cruiser built on the R nineT platform. This device will complement the BMW Motorrad Heritage collection, which currently consists of motorcycles of the R nineT and R18 series. How exactly the BMW R12 will look is difficult to say right now. On the one hand, using the R nineT platform without major changes, engineers are unlikely to be able to create a motorcycle similar to the R18. On the other hand, this platform is the only one suitable for a potential cruise ship, but… then where should Ryder put his feet? Apparently, squeeze under yourself. Well, we’ll wait and find out.