BMW is testing the 2024 M5 sedan

BMW is testing the 2024 M5 sedan 1

Published “spy” photos with a test prototype of a powerful BMW M5 sedan version of the 2024 model year. Despite the camouflage, you can see the updated front bumper.

BMW is currently testing various prototypes of the updated 5 Series family in Europe, including several test cars of the more powerful M5. Professional photographers have already captured some of them on the road, and today we have “spy” photos with a fully camouflaged test car showing some new elements of the design.

“The Bavarian company probably tried to test the car’s cooling system under heavy load with a trailer attached to the rear.”

That’s why the front panel is less camouflaged than before, and we can finally see the shape and design of the front bumper. The plastic part looks very sculptural with a large hole in the bottom with a trapezoidal shape of the lower grille. On the sides of the bumper, you can see two more air intakes.

Earlier this month, we saw another prototype with a fully enclosed bumper, but with serial headlights. Newer images show a car equipped with temporary headlights.

Apart from the bare bumper, this prototype is very similar to all the previous M5s we’ve seen. It has “Hybrid Test Vehicle” stickers on the front doors and rear bumper, which corresponds to the fact that the new M5 will have an electrified power plant. It will combine a 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine and an electric motor with an estimated maximum output of about 650 horsepower.

Not so long ago, they wrote that the updated BMW 5 Series sedan will lose its powerful V8. According to the media, the BMW 5 Series business class sedan of the 2024 model year will no longer be offered with a powerful V8 engine. The latter will remain the prerogative only for the “charged” M5.