Bagnaia does not agree that it is difficult to overtake in MotoGP: If you are fast, there are no problems

Bagnaia does not agree that it is difficult to overtake in MotoGP: If you are fast, there are no problems 1

Overtaking in MotoGP has been a hot topic of discussion for most of the 2022 season. According to many, it has become more difficult to overtake compared to recent seasons. Some, including 8-time world champion Marc Marquez, spoke out against the latest innovations in the field of aerodynamics, specifically affecting aerodynamic wings and devices that change the clearance from asphalt.

The already unique high-tech motorcycles of the best manufacturers in the world are constantly improving in some way. A lot of work has been done in recent years in terms of improving downforce. But the latest developments have “polluted” the air behind the racers, which complicates the pursuit of an opponent.

The winner of the last stage was Francesco Bagnaia, thereby completing the first part of the 2022 season on a high note. At the GP of the Netherlands, he was highly quoted by bookmakers, on his Victoria BC Betera gave a coefficient of about 2.9 – they knew something!

Bagnaia does not agree that it is difficult to overtake in MotoGP: If you are fast, there are no problems 3

Francesco Bagnaia was asked for his opinion on the difficulty of overtaking, and he expressed his disagreement. The Italian is convinced that MotoGP has no problems with overtaking. The plasterer is convinced that if the rider is faster, he is able to confidently control the situation and carry out the necessary maneuvers to improve the position.

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I don’t think the aerodynamics prevent overtaking. And Fabio [Quartararo] agrees with me on that. In the races where I had to win back, I did it, I did a lot of overtaking.

Of course, aerodynamics create a little more turbulence. It should also be noted that we are all constantly driving at the limit, and in this situation, it is very easy to take a turn too wide and make a mistake. But if you’re faster, you won’t have any issues overtaking. Alex Rins is a vivid example of this. He started last in Porto and finished fourth. I somehow started last and finished eighth, or in Mugello, starting from ninth place, I managed to win. In short, if you have the potential, overtaking will not be a problem for you.

We expected more

The summer break is almost over, and the second part of the 2022 MotoGP season will start very soon. The plasterers hope that Pekko will be able to get together and spend a strong second part of the season, like last year. The student of the great Valentino Rossi definitely has no issues with speed – he has already won 3 victories. But due to a weak start to the season and several gatherings, Bagnaia must be infallible if he wants to reduce the 66-point gap from the leader Fabio Quartararo.

At the beginning of the season, we expected a little more, but it was not easy. There were various difficulties at the technical level, which we managed to solve later. In the last few races, as soon as we got back to Europe, we managed to get a lot faster. We were always ahead.

There have been ups and downs. We were unlucky in some ways, I made a mistake somewhere. In the last races, I either won or crashed. But the most important thing is that we are really fast. It is significant to have a stable second half of the season.