Artificial intelligence for a motorcycle from Damon Motorcycles

Artificial intelligence for a motorcycle from Damon Motorcycles 1

Damon Motorcycles is not just a brand of electric motorcycles. The Canadian company made a splash in the industry when it introduced the Hypersport HS model. An electric sport bike with a 20kW * h battery produces 200ls, 320km / h, and 320 kilometers of travel with a single charge (in a mixed cycle – the city and the highway).

But Damon impresses not only with the number of characteristics. It has adjustable ergonomics, which gives it some versatility, and its CoPilot 360-degree surveillance and warning system can generally revolutionize motorcycle safety. The system constantly scans the space surrounding the motorcycle using cameras, radar, and non-visual sensors, and then the user interface warns the rider using tactile feedback, LED indicators built into the windshield, as well as displays of two cameras (front and rear), and long-range radar.

Moreover, the CoPilot system currently operates autonomously, but the brand cooperates with the Internet of Things platform EMQX to connect motorcycles to a cloud-based information exchange system. Open source EMQX clustering technology and open standard Internet of Things protocols allow you to securely transfer data from motorcycle sensors to the cloud and receive control messages (in other words, security recommendations) from the cloud service.

Artificial intelligence for a motorcycle from Damon Motorcycles 3

The EMQX solution is a critical element of our infrastructure that ensures reliable and scalable motorcycle connectivity to the cloud,” Damon Technical Director Rob Charter emphasized.

Damon and EMQX will distribute, process, and analyze motorcycle telemetry data for regular updates of CoPilot artificial intelligence. Personal interaction will help Damon adapt the system to each specific rider, and collective data will serve as the basis for large-scale system updates.

What Damon Motors is doing with CoPilot are a huge step forward in-vehicle connectivity and driver safety,” said Dylan Kennedy, General Manager of EMQX Technologies. “It requires a combination of a high-precision sensor suite, advanced computing, machine learning, and mobility, and it’s really impressive. The fact that we provide the data processing infrastructure in the form of our best-in-class EMQX solution to create a safer environment for motorcyclists is very interesting and useful for EMQX.