Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 300 has passed blast and ballistic tests

Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 300 has passed blast and ballistic tests 1

The Canadian company Inkas, specializing in the construction of armored vehicles, presented a version of the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 SUV, protected by the European VR7 standard. The company demonstrated a series of ballistic tests of the car, checking the strength of the body during explosions and protecting passengers in the cabin. The protection of the “three-hundredths” was tested at the training ground with the help of 15 kilograms of TNT, several grenades and mines, as well as a sniper rifle.

The VR6 and VR7 protected vehicles are capable of withstanding shots from 7.62 caliber firearms, including Kalashnikov assault rifles, SVD sniper rifles, and M60 machine guns. Also, cars are protected from shots with armor-piercing bullets, anti-personnel mines, and grenade explosions under the bottom and on the roof.

Despite all this, the mannequins in the SUV’s interior have stood the test. The real occupants of the car would not have been harmed in the event of an attack. According to the results of the tests, the armored car received the German VPAM VR7 durability certificate and the STANAG4569 safety certificate developed by NATO.

In mid-March, Inkas engineers presented an armored Mercedes-Benz S-Class. In addition to the traditional body protection, a night vision system and protection against chemical weapons.

Source: Inkas Armored