Aprilia Racing wants to get a global sponsor in MotoGP and increase its budget

Aprilia Racing wants to get a global sponsor in MotoGP and increase its budget 1

Aprilia Racing boss Massimo Rivola announced that he intends to attract a major global sponsor like Red Bull for the MotoGP factory project in order to expand the project budget.

The first successes of the Aprilia drivers in MotoGP have attracted the attention of major players, and Rivola is already in contact with some of them. So, it became known that Aprilia is negotiating with the Red Bull Group.

“We are performing without a title sponsor, our main partner is Piaggio Group. But something may change in 2023. I must say that the big sponsors are waking up and watching us with interest. This is a sign that we can find one. If we want to remain competitive, we need a bigger budget in the future,” Rivola said.

In MotoGP, the difference in budgets between the largest factory and private teams reaches 5-6 times. For example, the HRC budget allocated for the MotoGP program (including support for LCR Honda, Asia Talent Cup, and Asia Team Honda) is about $120 million per year. The budget of private teams rarely exceeds 30 million per year.

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In Formula 1, in order to avoid distortions, the FIA introduced a budget ceiling of $140 million per year. But in fact, manufacturers manage to circumvent this restriction by placing R&D at their enterprises and thus withdrawing this item of expenditure from the official budget of teams that, according to documents, are private independent enterprises.

“The FIA has the necessary levers of pressure on factory projects to balance their capabilities with private ones. Perhaps the operational costs of the teams really began to decline. We haven’t discussed such a system in MotoGP yet, but it may be required soon. For any plant, one way or another, it is profitable to spend less, and we must restrain the growth of direct costs of the plant. Attracting sponsors is a good way.”

“Obviously, the Audi Group has incredible potential that we don’t have. But this sport survives, thanks to the show that we arrange. And no one complained about the quality of the show! But it is clear that when one manufacturer can invest significantly more than another, it becomes a bit unfair. I think that some identical frameworks should be set for factory projects. Not identical, but a framework. In other words, it will soon make sense within the framework of Dorna’s concept of curbing the growth of costs and all that.”

Red Bull already has a key partner in MotoGP – KTM Factory Racing, but Massimo Rivola is in talks with Dietrich Mateschitz about the possibility of opening a “second front”: “Red Bull could support a second factory team, as they do in Formula 1 – I’m talking about Red Bull Racing and Alpha Tauri. Why not do something similar in MotoGP?”