Andrea Dovizioso refused to continue his MotoGP career

Andrea Dovizioso refused to continue his MotoGP career 1

Andrea Dovizioso has made an official statement to he has no plans to continue his MotoGP career in 2023. This decision has been taken calmly and deliberately.

Andrea Dovizioso has raced all the major prototypes in MotoGP during his long career in the Grand Prix: he rode for Tech 3 Yamaha, was recruited by Repsol Honda, and then moved to the Ducati factory team where he spent eight years.

As Dovizioso said, it was “the moment he was talking about” in 2020: if racing ceased to be satisfying, he would end his career as a Grand Prix rider. In 2021 he had the feeling that the potential to continue with Yamaha or Aprilia was great enough, so Andrea returned to MotoGP after a six-month “sabbatical.” But illusions are over: after 7 months of trying to master the Yamaha YZR-M1, his place is on the edge of the TOP-20…

Andrea Dovizioso refused to continue his MotoGP career 3

It’s a very fast bike, but only Fabio Quartararo has it fast. The Yamaha was no longer the “regular” bike I remember from Tech 3. Having great cornering and stability on braking, allows it to fly on certain tracks. But in other circumstances, I can’t get it to perform as it should. And if you don’t drive as Fabio does, you’re uncompetitive. Fabio wins, the rest of us are at the tail end. It’s not normal. But all Yamaha riders have different styles. Even the style of Franco Morbidelli is not like mine: he usually has a very strong Bike leaning, but he does not brake hard, unlike me. But our results are close,” said Andrea Dovizioso.

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“Definitely, I’m not going to race in MotoGP in 2023, there’s no reason for that. I’m not even going to try to look for a place. It’s clear that I’m too comfortable as a non-competitive rider, especially after a 20-year career. But I’m calm, it’s a deliberate decision. Especially since I’ve already tested what it’s like to watch a race from home.”

Overall, the fact that Dovizioso’s career was over one way or another became clear at the end of 2020, when he was unable to find a “suitable place” in the championship, rejecting the “ridiculous” contract he was offered at Ducati. “It was easier to take a sabbatical,” he stated. In the meantime, though, Dovizioso managed to lose most of his sponsors…