Americans will produce tires from dandelions

Americans will produce tires from dandelions 1

Tire concern Goodyear has announced the tires of a new generation. Rubber for them will be made not from natural rubber, but from dandelions. It is reported by Top Gear.

Dandelions are a cheaper and simpler alternative to traditional rubber made from hevea sap.

Technologists of the American concern have been searching for a replacement for traditional rubber for a long time. The matter is that they get it from the sap of the tropical Hevea plant. The cost of raw materials is not cheap and the logistics of their delivery are often complicated – 90% of the rubber comes from southern countries. Besides, it takes 7 years to grow a single heveas tree.

Americans will produce tires from dandelions 3
Rubber is obtained from dandelion roots

Studies have looked at 2,500 different plants. It has turned out that the roots of dandelion are the closest to rubber in properties. Tires made of this material in their qualities are not inferior to conventional rubber. It is noteworthy that American combat aircraft will be the first to get such tires, and only after that – cars.

In addition, the dandelion is a much more undemanding plant than the hevea plant. Its cultivation does not require a humid tropical climate – it is at home in European latitudes and grows much faster. The cost of such raw materials is much lower, and dandelion fields will be useful for the environment.

By the way, Goodyear is not the only tire giant planning to use dandelions as a raw material for their products. Continental has been implementing a similar project for several years now.