Americans are ready to travel a thousand kilometers to buy a car

Americans are ready to travel a thousand kilometers to buy a car 1

The shortage of microelectronics that has engulfed the global auto industry has led to plant shutdowns and a rise in the price of cars: according to the US Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, only at the beginning of 2022 prices in the North American market were 10 percent higher than in January-2021. Subaru conducted a survey and found out which way residents of different states are willing to overcome in order to buy a car they like with maximum benefit.

The survey showed that, on average, US residents are not averse to driving 755 kilometers to save money when buying a car. Residents of Alaska, the largest state by area, were expected to demonstrate their readiness for the longest races. Their motorists are not afraid of distances of 1160 kilometers. The least desire to travel far from home was expressed in Vermont, where they are ready to travel an average of 460 kilometers.

It is curious that the second-largest US state, Texas, did not become the second-longest potential path with a result of 837 kilometers. Noticeably more willing to drive in Idaho — 1,120 kilometers. Residents of California, the most populous state, in search of an inexpensive car will drive an average of 801 kilometers, and New York — 756 kilometers.

Judging by the results of the survey, Americans are not afraid of gasoline prices when it comes to saving when buying a car. In mid-June, the cost of fuel in the United States updated another historical record: the price of one gallon exceeded five dollars. For comparison, a year ago, about three dollars were asked for a gallon. That is, the current cost of fuel is higher than during the fuel crisis of 2008.

Earlier, experts calculated how many new cars in the United States have become more expensive in 10 years. For example, the base Honda Civic Si has gained 19.6 percent in price since 2012, the Mazda MX-5 Miata in the Sport version — by 14.3 percent, and the Dodge Challenger R/T jumped in price by 28 percent at once.

Source: Subaru