7-year-old steals parents’ Kia Sportage for a trip to get a soda

7-year-old steals parents' Kia Sportage for a trip to get a soda 1

Seven-year-old Daniel Wittenbach, a resident of the U.S. state of Ohio, woke up early one morning and really wanted a soda. Without waking Mom and Dad, the child went to the garage and used a chair to reach for the keys to his parent’s Kia Sportage. He managed to start the crossover and shift the gear selector, then drove to a nearby supermarket for a soda. After a while, the parents received calls from the emergency services.

After successfully driving out of the neighborhood, Daniel hit a four-lane highway. Moments later, the Sportage crossed the dividing line and entered the oncoming traffic lane. Passing drivers hurriedly began calling emergency services. Some motorists tried to stop the crossover by breaking the passenger side window.

Another man rushed across the car, gesturing for it to stop. However, all efforts were in vain. Daniel only stopped when he crashed into the Jeep Liberty. Other than the wrecked cars, the child’s journey ended safely. Whether Daniel got his coveted soda is not known, but his parents will definitely hide their keys more securely now.

In 2020, two children stole the family Range Rover and managed to drive about 160 kilometers without a single accident. The young offenders were apprehended outside a store where the children had stopped for cookies.

Source: WLWT / YouTube.com