2023 Honda Pilot TrailSport: new details

2023 Honda Pilot TrailSport: new details 1

Journalists of the publication Car and Driver traveled on the prototype of the new Honda Pilot TrailSport and talked about some features of the car. The off-road crossover will be distinguished by an increased ground clearance and a special mode of operation of mechatronics and equipment. For example, trail ports will receive a TrailWatch camera under the bottom, powerful towing lugs, and a customizable assistant during descent. The model will receive a six-cylinder engine and a nine-band automatic.

Honda revealed the appearance of the new Pilot in mid-September. And at the same time it became known that together with the regular version, the off-road version of the TrailSport will debut. Already “in the base” such a “Pilot” will have AT tires, steel bottom protection, reconfigured suspension, and all-wheel drive transmission. Journalists from Car and Driver traveled on a prototype “SUV” — and revealed a number of interesting details.

Immediately you need to make a digression and clarify that Pilot TrailSport is not designed for extreme rides. His element is broken primers and routes of medium complexity, which, in general, are in the teeth of other crossovers. Here, the ground clearance increased by 25 millimeters, suspension with unique calibrations, reconfigured all-wheel drive and thinner stabilizers that slightly improve the articulation of the wheels will not be superfluous.

In addition, the TrailSport will be equipped with a customizable descent assistant, a TrailWatch camera under the bottom, and powerful towing lugs. There is also a Trail driving mode for crossovers. When it is activated, the logic of switching the machine changes, and the Antibux starts working with some delay. In addition, in this mode, the Trail Torque Logic system distributes the thrust between the axes differently: in special cases, up to 75 percent of the torque can flow back, but usually, it is about 70.

Not a word has been said about the power plant of the new Pilot yet. Presumably, the crossover will retain a bundle of a V6 engine, a nine-band automatic, and an all-wheel drive i-VTM4. This is one of the versions of the SH-AWD system with “on-board” friction packages, thanks to which all the thrust going to the rear axle can be distributed in favor of one of the wheels.

Source: Car and Driver